We have a passion for education. Structured courses are offered through the Centre for Pipeline Knowledge. We are also building public education and communication through the Centre for Engineering Communications.

  The Centre for Pipeline Knowledge provides learners with the opportunity to solidify their knowledge in specialized areas of the pipeline industry. We offer modular online courses based on the six stages of the pipeline lifecycle: Feasibility, Design & Planning, Construction, Operations, Maintenance, and Abandonment. Specialized courses, such as the API 1169 Construction Inspector Exam Preparation Course also offered through the Centre.

  The Centre for Engineering Communications builds bridges between engineering subject matter experts and their audiences. These experts reach out to the public, and other interested parties, about current events and issues that concern the industry. In the future, practitioners will be able to strengthen communication skills through specific training, seminars, and courses, gaining the ability to effectively reach other professionals as well as wider audiences.

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